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60 minutes each 


In this 4-week flow series, you will learn functional core & pelvic floor healing -- establishing a solid core foundation, waking up your posterior chain, & enhancing your posture through safe & intentional developmental movements & ranges of motion that translate to everyday life tasks. 

These 4 weeks are about education, healing, connection, and an open space to nourish your soul. You just completed the biggest event of your life. No matter the size, length, or place of your birth, your body needs proper healing and recovery. Join us to focus on rejuvenating your physical, mental, and emotional self.

SLOW is FAST is our favorite mantra during the postpartum healing experience. This is NOT a "get your body back" type of class. This is a time of intentional recovery.

This class is designed for those 4 weeks postpartum and beyond. Non-mobile babies are welcome.

Come prepared to move, sweat, and connect with other new mamas.