Toney Family Chiropractic and Wellness 

Toney Family Chiropractic is owned by husband and wife team, Drs. Jeric and Amanda Toney. Their clinic is not your typical chiropractic office. They don’t do long, dragged out care plans. There’s no contract. They don’t ask for a huge amount up front. Their goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible.


Drs. Jeric and Amanda are passionate about helping and empowering others to live the pain-free and active lifestyle they want. They help people suffering with pain and injuries with high-quality and personalized chiropractic care, exercise, and education to get them back to doing what they love. They support and engage patients in their treatments so that they are able to better care for themselves and achieve their goals. 


Dr. Jeric Toney specializes in Functional Medicine utilizing state of art diagnostic tests to help people find the root cause of their condition to help them reach their health goals. 


Dr. Amanda focuses primarily with sports and injury prevention, incorporating various soft tissue techniques into her treatments as well as rehab exercises to get people feeling and moving their best. 


Drs. Jeric and Amanda recognize the importance of feeling your best to achieve your best. They offer a variety of services so they can customize a plan to get results fast and get you feeling healthy and active again. Together they combine their niches and clinical strengths to treat a variety of complex issues, both musculoskeletal and internal, offering patients the best of both worlds and medicines. 


You're more than just a number at Toney Family Chiropractic. You're a mom, a dad, a friend, a member of our community, and we want our community to live active, healthy lives.